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everything is gone


My computers SSD, which contained all of my modeling projects, died Wednesday, February 22, 2017. I lost every single modeling project from February 2015. Over 2 entire years of work has been lost, this includes: Sir Haydn, and the Falcon works locos; Edward Thomas/Corris #7; City of Truro; the Billinton E2 locos, and many more. I will officially have to start over. The only versions of the Corris locos you can get now are the ones I have on my site now, the updated ones will never come. I'm very sorry to tell you this, it was heart breaking for me. I'm also sorry to say, that my content creation for Trainz shall end here, I will devote all further work to Railway/Train simulator 2017.

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Falcon Works Corris Railway No.3 pack finally out!

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